Zero Trust Consultancy

Get some help with your zero trust architecture or SASE projects, WEBGAP is here to help and can lend you the weight of our own extensive zero-trust experience.

Zero Trust, SASE and RBI Consultancy Services

WEBGAP Zero Trust Consultancy

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Zero Trust Consulting Services

Strategy & Architecture

Lean on the experience of our consultants to help guide your zero trust strategy or architecture journey. We can bring the collective wisdom of a thousand zero trust conversations and projects to the table.

NIST 800-207 Compliance

Let us help you get to grips with zero trust compliance, as a CAGE registered federal contractor we speak with lots of organizations working towards the federal 2024 zero trust compliance deadline.

Zero Trust, SASE and RBI Consulting

As the cybersecurity world moves towards zero trust, you need to move with it.

Move towards zero trust with confidence, leveraging WEBGAP's experience to help you choose the right strategy, architecture and technology stack.

Watch a short video from our CISO about our approach to zero trust.

RBI Consulting Services
When it comes to remote browser isolation, we are the subject matter experts. Our cofounders were present at the birth of the RBI space and are happy to share their experiences with you.
SASE Consulting Services
WEBGAP knows SASE, as an Intel partner we work closely with Intel on their global SASE deployments, we can offer you Intel validated SASE blueprints and extensive SASE consulting experience.
Zero Trust Consulting Services
As the worlds first zero trust consultancy, we lead our industry in offering agnistic, pragmatic zero trust strategy, technology and architecture advice. Talk to us about zero trust, we live and breathe it.
Federal Government Consulting
As a federally approved CAGE contractor, WEBGAP has extensive experience helping governmental organizations accomplish their zero trust goals and comply with the President's Zero Trust Mandate.