Patent Pending Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

WEBGAP's proprietary technology is the engine powering the most cost effective and scalable remote browser isolation (RBI) platform on the planet.

Built to unlock mass market adoption.

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Solving the big problems in remote browser isolation (RBI).

We Solved The Problem Of Scale

WEBGAP leverages a stretch-clustered and distributed architecture which is scalable up to millions of simultaneous users. To add more capacity you scale out (rather than scale up) by stretch clustering more servers into the resource pool.

We Solved The Problem Of Cost

WEBGAP leverages a fully containerized architecture that is much more cost-effective and efficient than our virtualization based competitors, meaning we need approximately ten times less infrastructure than a virtualized platform.

Best-In-Class RBI Technology

Our patent-pending remote browser isolation technology delivers a product edge over the competition.


Automated User Account Enrolment & Deployment


Fully Containerized, Stretch Clustered & Massively Scalable


DOM & HTML Based, Delivering A Native User Experience


API Accessible, Easily Integrates With Other Technologies


Deploy Through Your Local Browser Or A Remote Browser


Requires 10x Less Infrastructure Than Competitive Solutions

Delivering An RBI Product Edge

We built WEBGAP after experiencing the real problems with large-scale remote browser isolation.

After building remote browser platforms for the US government, our cofounders saw systemic problems in the underlying RBI model our competitors still use. The problems they saw were cost and scale, and we built WEBGAP to solve them.

Watch a video on the WEBGAP approach here.

Frictionless Deployment
WEBGAP can frictionlessly deploy to thousands of users simultaneously by configuring your local browsers to connect to WEBGAP via proxy and deliver a 'local browser user experience', alternatively you can deploy remote browsers to your users.
Multi-Browser Support
We support all modern browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge, as well as legacy browsers like Internet Explorer 11, but WEBGAP always works best on Chrome.
Bare Metal Multi-Tenancy
WEBGAP supports and enables you to administer bare metal multi-tenancy, removing the need for an additional underlying virtualization management layer and infrastructure complexity.
Browser Plugin Support
Our proxy mode deployment model enables tight local browser integration which allows us to support browser plugins, because plugins make up an important part of the modern browser experience.
Integrations & Customization
We built WEBGAP to be easy to customize and easy to integrate with your existing cybersecurity ecosystem and tools, including your existing SSO, web gateway, firewall, antivirus technologies.