Remote browsers for just $5 per user!

Defending against internet risks shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. We provide remote browser isolation solutions for the many, rather than just the few who can afford them.

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Best-In-Class Remote Browser Isolation

The WEBGAP remote browser isolation platform frictionlessly deploys to your users and delivers a native user experience through any browser, while delivering a cleaner and safer version of the internet.

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No Downloads, No Installs, No Worries!

Works through any browser, no downloads or local installs to worry about.

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Bye, Bye Malicious & Suspicious Code!

Real-time rebuild of webpages into clean HTML, stripped of malicious code.

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Remote Browsing On Mobile Devices!

Works anywhere, extending isolation to wherever you use the internet.

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Supports Browser Plugins & Add-ons!

DOM based approach for tight browser integration and browser plugin support.

Real Time Browser Isolation Process

“Significantly faster and more stable than your competitors.”
Major M. (US Army)


User Requests A Webpage By Typing A URL


WEBGAP Fetches Webpage From The Requested URL


WEBGAP Completely Breaks Down The Webpage Code


User Safely & Securely Interacts With Webpage


WEBGAP Rebuilds Webpage Free Of Malicious Code


Isolated & Sanitized Webpage Delivered To The User


WEBGAP Rebuilds Webpage Free Of Malicious Code


User Safely & Securely Interacts With Webpage

Choose Your Plan



Individuals, Startups & Small to Medium Sized Businesses

$5 Per User

Multi-Tenant Public Cloud

Monthly Subscription Model

Includes Ticket Support

Integrations & Customizations

Custom Domains & IP Address



Big Businesses & Enterprises With Complex Requirements.

$2-$8 Per User

Single-Tenant Private Cloud

Annual Pricing Plans

Integrations & Customizations

User Administration Control

Custom Domain & IP Address



Host Your Own WEBGAP Cloud

$1 Per User

On-Site Deployment

Host On Your Own Servers

Full Administrative Control

First Five Users Free!

Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, please contact us!

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What is a remote browser?

A remote browser is the same as your normal browser, except it is physically isolated away from you into the WEBGAP cloud. Our remote browsers live in our cloud instead of on your local computer.

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How do I use a remote browser?

Once you have a WEBGAP account, you simply head over to our login page and login using your username and password. Once you log in, full screen the window and start browsing the internet.

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Will WEBGAP work with any browser?

Yes, WEBGAP supports all browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, as well as legacy browsers like Internet Explorer. WEBGAP works best though with Chrome!

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How do I install WEBGAP?

Forget about it! WEBGAP does not require any installs, downloads or plugins, you simply login and start browsing the internet.

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Will you track my online activity?

No, we do not track any of your online activity, nor do we log the websites that you browse to during your WEBGAP session.

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Can I visit any website?

Yes, we're not the internet police! Feel free to browser to any website as you would normally, without any restrictions.