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RBI and Secure Web Gateways

Guise Bule


Once you have been in cybersecurity for a while, you start to see and hear enterprise use cases that resonate soundly. In the present climate, upgrading your web gateway with a browser isolation capability makes sense and resonates the most with me.

A web gateway is a proxy that enforces URL restrictions and inspects the data going through it. It's a security appliance that sits between your IT infrastructure and the outside internet and enforces your organization's network security policies, as well as filters out any potentially malicious web traffic in real-time. It protects users from accessing malicious websites, phishing websites, or worse threats. The web gateway will inspect your user's web traffic in real-time, analyze its content against corporate policies and threat analysis feeds, to ensure that malicious or inappropriate content is blocked. Results may vary depending on the gateway and its threat intelligence.

Web gateways cannot categorize all of the traffic passing through them; you have to block the traffic you cannot categorize as safe.

There are plenty of various web gateways out there, but no matter what kind, they all have the same problem––they are unable to categorize all web traffic. Even the best web gateways will have live threat feeds integrated into them coming from multiple sources to properly categorize threats against them as they appear in their traffic in real-time, but they cannot categorize everything, approximately 75% of URL's can be categorized, but the rest are blocked.

When you cannot categorize traffic as a threat, or as safe, you have two choices: You can let the user access it (keep them happy) or automatically block it (annoy the user who will probably complain). Well, remote browser isolation gives you a third option, the option of isolating it. By properly integrating a remote browser isolation capability, you can physically isolate URLs in real-time, and give your users access to the websites they need.

If you have lots of employees, chances are you block many of their URLs daily and annoy them in the process. Rather than doing this, it is far more effective to isolate those URLs and allow the user access to them instead of blocking them. With RBI, you can safely take risks and permit any traffic through without worry. Adopting an RBI solution is a fantastic way of dealing with uncategorized web traffic and uses who want to access every URL.

Many small businesses lack the resources to deploy web gateways, instead they isolate ALL of their web traffic onto remote browsers instead. By upgrading your web gateway's capability with a remote browser isolation solution, you can reduce the restrictions placed on your employees and their online activity when they visit potentially malicious websites. Never trust, always isolate––especially with URL's that can't be categorized as safe.

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