What About Us?

We love what we do because we believe in our mission and we work to protect others. We work towards unlocking mass market adoption of the remote browser isolation (RBI) model.

We protect the many rather than just the few.

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We build remote browser isolation solutions for the many, rather than the few who can afford it.

We Are On A Mission

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To Lower The Cost Of RBI

Protecting Your Users When They Browse The Internet Shouldn't Be Expensive

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To Deliver Native User Experience

You Shouldn't Have To Compromise On User Experience When Using RBI

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To Unlock The Mass Market

Remote Browser Isolation Is Quite Clearly The Future Of Endpoint Security

We Are Easy To Work With

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Dog Friendly

We Are Super Dog Friendly, Our Cofounder Is A Black Labrador called Kali

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Fair & Honest

Expect Integrity From Us In Our Dealings, Expect Us To Be Fair & Honest

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Fun To Work With

We Take Our Work Seriously, But We Don't Take Ourselves Seriously

Intel Partner

We Are Proud To Be An Intel® Network Builder

Learn About Our Partnership and Integration With Intel

We Have A Great Team

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Guise Bule


Present at the birth of RBI, Guise leads our team, sets our strategy, does most of the talking, and all of the dancing.

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Jun Yang


Jun is our technical genius, he oversees our roadmap development and manages our team of engineers and developers.

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Ryan Miller


Ryan keeps us safe from cyberattack, manages our IT infrastructure, and can spot a cyber criminal from a mile away.

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Matthew Marsden


Matt is the responsible adult in charge of our money and budget, he manages our financials and finacial projections.

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Kate Larson


Kate secretly runs everything, she does all of the real work, keeps us organized and protects our operational excellence.

We Won Some Awards!

We Have Some Great Customers