WEBGAP Remote Browsers

Fully-hosted and fully-managed remote browsers, available on a monthly or annual basis, for the low price of just $5 per user, per month.

After using WEBGAP remote browsers ever since their private beta launch, I can report that they perform brilliantly and they are wonderfully cost-effective.

Sascha Olofson
Sascha Olofson

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WEBGAP Remote Browser USP's

Works With All Modern Browsers

No Downloads Or Plugins

Works On Mobile Devices

No Tracking or Data Gathering

Audio & Video Work Perfectly

Most Cost-Effective On The Market


Happy Users

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Works Great

A cost-effective remote browser solution that does what it says on the tin, what's not to like? My staff and I use our remote browsers every day to surf the internet and they work great.

By Bruce Kaposy

Fantastic OSINT Tool

I use my WEBGAP remote browser for conducting online OSINT investigations and it allows me to gather information without being tracked or identified by those I am investigating.

By Nihad Hassan

Audio & Video Work Well

I spend a lot of time on Youtube and Vimeo for my work and apart from the odd glitch and delay here and there (hence only 4 stars), the audio and video on my remote browser works really well.

By Sophie Missenden

Easy To Deploy & Use

I recently deployed remote browsers to our small team of employees after taking part in the WEBGAP private beta, they are easy to deploy without any local installs and they are easy to use.

By Andrea Menin

Quickly & Easy Cybersecurity Fix

What I love most about WEBGAP is that their remote browsers are a quick and easy cybersecurity fix that dramatically improve the security of your organization and your employees.

By Alessandro Innocenzi

Bulletproof Web Browsing!

I am really happy with my WEBGAP remote browser, part of my job is visiting shady websites and I used to pick up all kinds of adware and malware, not any more though, its bulletproof web browsing.

By Abartan Dhakal

No More Malicous Code

Its amazing how WEBGAP manages to convert the CNN.com homepage into just 18 lines of code before displaying it to me, they call it webpage runtime rendering, but I call it magic!

By Miguel Calles